How To Trade an Earnings Thrust - Part 2: Finding Earnings Information

In this segment, I want to cover the various sites available that provide quality earnings information. - Capture many of the earnings reports, but not everything.
Yahoo - In Play - Short summaries on earnings news and guidance.

Earnings Whispers - Great resource....when you actually get the emails.

Street Insider - Earnings Information

RTT News - Positive Annoucements

NASDAQ - Stocks moving in pre-market and after-hours on higher volume. You can find some of the lesser known stocks moving here and then look up the news using Google finance.
After Hours Movers
Pre Market Movers

FINVIZ - Stocks with Earnings Date today. You can modify it for tomorrow, Yesterday, Next 5 days etc.

Investor's Business Daily - This is the one paid service worth the money.

Suggested By Tiago       (Very good one!)


Finally, by clicking the link "Watchlist: Today's Earnings" found to the right under the Tools section, you can view my earnings research. I try to update this information twice a day; before the market opens and in the evening.

In the next segment, I will discuss scans for finding earnings thrusts as well as stops, entries and exits.

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2 Response to How To Trade an Earnings Thrust - Part 2: Finding Earnings Information

August 2, 2010 at 11:52 AM

In part 1 you indicated volume should be 2x by 9:00AM. What time zone are you referring to?

In part2 you said the next segment on earnings would discuss scans, etc. Did I miss this segment?

August 2, 2010 at 1:31 PM

Good question, that's 9am MST.
I have made the stockfinder layout available which has the scan in place. I have not had a chance to finish this since I have been working on a few other projects like the Emerging Opportunities list.

I would recommend searching "Episodic Pivots" over at Stock Bee, he has all the telechart scans and details readily available.

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