Do You Have a Reset Button?

With a few trades going your way and the just right dosage of caffeine, it's possible you can get ahead of yourself...losing sight of those methods and lessons you have learned. Why honor your targets when the stock could go up another 10 pts? Maybe I should buy Stock X even though it’s already been up the past few days…

Do you have a tactic to bring you back down to earth grounding your thinking so you can make the correct decisions? Do you have a way to get back to the basics?

Normally, when I start to feel the greed monster take over, I get up and go for a stroll down the creek. Twenty minutes to clear my head, evaluate where I'm at, and bring me back down to earth.

Whether it's going for run, doing some yoga, or simply getting up and walking away for a few minutes, you need a way to reset your brain so you can stay focused.

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September 23, 2010 at 12:26 PM

The adrenaline rush of trade working can be very addictive and unless you are grounded it can lead to great losses. If something is too good to be true watch out. When you feel like genius and start wondering will they interview me for next edition of Market Wizards, that is when the market extracts its revenge.

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