Weekend Research - Stocks up 10% or More in the Past 5 Days

Below is a link to all stocks up 10% or greater in the past 5 Days. You can go through the list looking at each stock and when it broke out, how much volume, whether it cleared new highs or bounced off support. Did it make all of it's gains in a single day?

The following columns are included in the spreadsheet:
Symbol - The Symbol
Float - Float
PercentOf6MonthHi - How far from 6 month high in percentage
RSI - Relative Strength (30 Day)
30DG - 30 Day Growth
TodaysGain - Today's Percent change
Day2Gain - Percent change 1 day ago
Day3Gain- Percent change 2 days ago
Day4Gain- Percent change 3 days ago
Day5Gain- Percent change 4days ago

EarningsSurprise - Percent Earnings Surprise
SectorRSRank - Sector Relative Strength (65 day)


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