3/3/2011 – Market Update

Looks like the market is trying to resume it’s uptrend. Breadth was in the 160 range the last time I checked. If we follow through towards the last hour of the day, the stocks below will offer some opportunities for gains. Look for stocks closing towards the top quarter of their bars.

Symbol Sector Watch List  
BLTI Medical Instruments & Supplies Emerging 50  
LBTYA Catv Systems Emerging 50  
WLP Health Care Plans Emerging 50  
ADTN Communication Equipment Emerging 50  
FN Electronic Equipment IPO  
AH Business/Management Services IPO  
ITMN Biotechnology Post Earnings Surprise  
BX Asset Management Post Earnings Surprise  
OIIM Semiconductor-Integrated Cir Post Earnings Surprise  
SVVS Business/Management Services Post Earnings Surprise  
JDSU Communication Equipment Post Earnings Surprise  
HSC Steel & Iron Post Earnings Surprise  
BGC Industrial Electrical Equipmen Post Earnings Surprise  
IRBT Appliances Post Earnings Surprise  
BLTI Medical Instruments & Supplies Sector 50  
WNR Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing Sector 50  
JDSU Communication Equipment Sector 50  
TDSC Multimedia & Graphics Software Short 25  
SSYS Computer Peripherals Short 25  
STEI Personal Service Short 25  
BXG Property Management/Develop Short 25  
APEI Business/Management Services Short 25  
WNR Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing Value 50  
TSO Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing Value 50  
SNX Business/Management Services Value 50  

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