New Feature: Member Blog

Good morning. I’ve opened up a member blog feature to current Patient Fisherman subscribers. This area will hold research projects, commentary, the trading plan for the week ahead that covers the general indexes, market breadth and Exact Entry points for stocks.

To access the member blog, log into Bluefin. If you are already logged into Bluefin, click the “log out” button on the top and log back in. Once you have logged in, click “Member Blog (IN BETA)” on the top navigation bar.

I’ve also done some spring cleaning on our scans and cleaned up the scans to remove duplicates between The Percolator scan and the Harpoon Scan. Now, the Percolator Scan is purely a breakout scan looking for stocks moving into highs while the Harpoon Scan has been modified to be a trend reversal scan catching stocks as they move out of correction. More details can be found on the member blog.

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June 1, 2011 at 10:57 AM

Thanks for your all your work, DC.

It is always helpful.

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