Bluefin and the Patient Fisherman Community

We have been in cash since May 4th, so I’ve been able to use that time to release some enhancements to the Patient Fisherman. Below is a quick overview of the updates to the Bluefin stock scanner as well as the addition of the Patient Fisherman Member Community.


Member Community

  • Daily Review – A review of the indexes, market breadth, best setups from Bluefin and the plan for tomorrow.
  • The Plan for the Week Ahead – A weekly look at where we are in the market and the strategy for the upcoming week. The best setups from the Bluefin Watch Lists are highlighted with charts and entry points.
  • Tools – Members have access to all of our tools such as risk calculator, mutual rankings and research.
Bluefin Stock Screener

We rank each stock on criteria such as Sector Strength, Relative Strength, Earnings Performance, Volume, Closeness to Highs, and Price. The goal is to enable you to find the best performing stocks quickly and efficiently.

The Watch Lists
We have several watch lists in Bluefin:
  • Today’s Earnings – This list provides stocks with earnings from the close of the previous day to before the open of today.
  • Post Earnings Surprise – This list provides all stocks with a 6% move or greater on the day of earnings. 
  • Emerging 50 – This list spots stocks in the top sectors that haven’t caught up with the leaders found in the Sector 50. All stocks in this list will have a 30-day growth less than 10%.
  • Sector 50 – This list takes advantage of the concept “Stocks move in groups’. It compares the individual stock strength along with the sector strength to give us a list of stocks currently leading the market.
  • IPOs – This list tracks IPOs in the past two years.
  • Value 50 – In an effort to reproduce the Kirkpatrick method of stock selection, we took stocks with a high relative strength and compared that against the valuation of that stock to get this list.
  • Short 25 – Searching for the ultimate Short Squeeze, we look for stocks hitting higher levels of momentum with a high amount of short interest.

The Percolator Scan
This is a breakout scan looking for stocks across all watch lists making new highs after a period of consolidation. The Percolator scans across all of our watch lists and displays those stocks sorted by volume thrust.


The Harpoon Scan
The primary goal of The Harpoon is to find larger high priced, high quality stocks coming off a pullback.


StockBee Scans and Watch Lists
Pradeep Bonde from StockBee has made all of StockBee scans and watch lists available in Bluefin. We have implemented the StockBee Trend Intensity in our system so all stocks can be sorted and filtered based on the StockBee Trend Intensity Criteria.

We use a monthly sector ranking formula to find out the top 20 sectors and also Sectors on the Move.

All data is exportable to excel and most charting tools such as Worden Telechart. We also have a Finviz Chart option that will render all charts for any scan over at Finviz for your review.

All scan formula are available to our members in TC2000 v11 or Telechart 2007.

This is a quick overview to the tools available to our members. Take a peek at what people are saying over at our Testimonials page or to give it a try and sign up here.

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