What's your plan?

How are your investments coming along? Amazing how time can widen your view. At this point, you should have enough data to see your net worth moving from the bottom left to the top right of your chart. Did you buy anything back in the 2009 declines? 2011? 2015?  December 2018? What's your plan for the next buying opportunity. Stockpiling cash now? Paying off those debts? Paying off the house? Things are good, take advantage of it. Get ahead of the game.

Are you designed for trading on a day, weekly, monthly or yearly basis, what works for you? Longer time frames can be more forgiving than shorter time frames. If your plan is to put 10% of your income in a mutual fund for the next 20 years, that's ok. It's a plan, you're doing better than 90% of the population out there.

Everyone wants to sell you the secret formula, chip away at your cash. Only you can figure out what works for you. Stop listening to the noise and figure out your plan, be patient, and execute. Be careful though, you might get what you plan for...

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