Example - Market Indicator: Breadth Thrust

With some help from the tech guys over at Worden I was able to get Martin Zweig's Breadth Thrust indicator running on Stock Finder. You can download the layout by going to "Share", then "Browse Other Users Shared Items". Then scroll down to "PatientFisherman_BreadthThrust".
"A Breadth Thrust signal occurs when this indicator goes from under .40 to above 0.615 within a 10-day time period or less" - The Complete Guide to Market Breadth Indicators.

[Edit 06/20/2010]
I went ahead and added an indicator for Breadth Thrust Continuation - "..signal is given whenever it goes above 0.615 without the requirement for it to come from below 0.40 in 10 days."

If you are using Telechart, you can refer to "All Worden Market Indicators" - T2103 Zweig Breadth Thrust

These examples are for educational purposes only.

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