50 Stocks Holding Up in This Market

The Sector 50 watch list ranks all stocks by sector strength and the stock's relative strength. Below lists the stocks holding up the best after last weeks correction.

Symbol Sector

MMI Diversified Communication Serv (buyout)
IDCC Wireless Communications
CGR Gold
RDEN Personal Products
CBOU Specialty Eateries
EE Electric Utilities
RGR Sporting Goods
UL Food-Major Diversified
HME Reit-Residential
PAET Diversified Communication Serv
ACC Reit-Residential
VGR Cigarettes
AU Gold
ABV Beverages-Brewers
SA Gold
RIC Gold
CF Agricultural Chemicals
BVN Gold
GTU Gold
SUG Gas Utilities
NGD Nonmetallic Mineral Mining
PARL Personal Products
LGF Movie Production - Theaters
AEM Gold
AUY Gold
THM Gold
NXG Gold
GFI Gold
NSU Gold
KGC Gold
GMCR Processed & Packaged Goods
ABX Gold
EGO Gold
FMX Beverages-Brewers
NEM Gold
HANS Beverages-Soft Drinks
JVA Processed & Packaged Goods
BAA Gold
BRFS Meat Products
EXK Silver
GG Gold
JAG Gold
AUQ Gold
AZK Gold
ANV Gold
MDW Gold
SLW Silver
ARCO Restaurants


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